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Rosy Life -Founder Amy Rosewater

I love to share my passion for plant based wellness & nourishing the body from the inside out! When the body & mind are in balance  & free of physical & emotional pain, you can create your own happiness!

Create Your Own Happiness

After years of health struggles & intense head pain that had me missing life, i found holistic health solutions that keep my body in balance! I am back to traveling to off the beaten path places with my husband & creating my own happiness!

Passion with a purpose!

I would love to meet you & chat about your health goals & help you find your happy place!  When you are healthy in mind & body your spirit is free to shine! 

Alternative Health Solutions

The Ultimate Total Body Detox System

The PrimeMyBody Ultimate Detox is an incredibly powerful total body detoxification system with specifically detailed protocols designed to detoxify the liver, eliminate harmful substances from the body, and help ensure you're living at optimal health and wellness.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp/CBD Oil

 Nano-Enhanced technology with a sustainable, naturally grown hemp oil, which has been used for a wide range of healthy benefits dating back more than 3,000 years! Our Hemp Oil formula helps to optimize the mind & body, efficiently and naturally.

Meal Replacement Shakes, Essential Oils, & Supplements

No Compromise Ingredient Policy-Ever wonder if a dietary supplement really offers the right kind of ingredient, amount of an ingredient, or the level of potency of an ingredient that it claims to?   Good manufacturing practices are a crucial component when it comes to the efficacy & the difference between absolutely no effect and fantastic results. 

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Create Your Own Happiness

Reach out to us so we may help you find  optimal health & your inner happy place!

Rosy Life

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